Having a great logo and branding is vital for creating the right image for a business. We’ll discuss with you what kind of image you are looking to create for your business and then come up with ideas that you can choose from for your logo and branding.

What is branding?

Branding is something that identifies your company and which people can immediately recognize. The primary part of branding is the logo.

Do I need a logo/branding

It generally is a good idea to have some form of branding, particularly a logo, because:

a) it shows that you are a professional company

b) It can help people to remember your company

c) It can lead to people trusting your company

You don’t need something very elaborate however, in fact simple is generally better because the logo may have to appear on many different types of things – for example your website, letters and leaflets so you want it to be as versatile as possible.

Design principles

A good logo should convey some meaning and information about the company, not just be something completely random.

Other parts of the brand


One of the key parts of the brand are the colors that use. Think carefully about what colours you use and make sure that you like the colours, because you will be seeing them a lot on all your products – a good designer will make sure that all of your products are branded in the same colours.


Another key part are the fonts that you use both on the logo and in the marketing materials that you have created. It’s best not to have too many fonts, and to always use the same ones.

Consistency is one of the key rules of branding, you want everything you produce to be in a similar kind of style so it is recognizable and gains trust.

Can I do a logo myself?

If you have the right software, then yes you could, but a lot of people think it is easy and what they actually produce is very amateurish, and defeats the whole purpose of having a logo. You are more likely to lose business from a poor logo and branding, than gain from it. It is much better to spend a bit of money and getting it done by a professional graphic design company.

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